What are the different type of poker games available?

There are many different versions of poker out there, some that are played professionally, others that are mostly seen in casinos, and games that are played among friends and family. There is a version of the game for everyone, even if you are just starting to play.

Five Card Draw is the first poker variant that you are taught. Whether you are taught poker by your dad or a friend, or if you learn how to play by yourself, this is the version of the game that you learn. It is the easiest one to pick up and the easiest one to win if you know what you’re doing. You won’t find this one in any major casinos, but it is a fun game to play with friends.

Badugi is one of the odder versions of poker. It is not played as often as the other versions of poker, but it is starting to grow in popularity as of recently. This game can be a little bit difficult to learn if you are a beginner because instead of having the traditional five card hand, in Badugi you only get four cards.

Razz is another odd variant of the card game we all know and love. In traditional poker you want to make sure that you have the highest numbers and the highest rank so that you can win. But in Razz you want the complete opposite. In this version of the game you are looking for the lowest numbers and the lowest ranks and whoever has the lowest hand at the end of the game is the winner.

Texas Hold’em is often thought of as the most popular version of agen poker online. It is the second easiest to learn and you can win a little money off of it. Since the game is easier than the others, the money that gets put into the pot is a lot lower than you would find in other games but that doesn’t mean that it is not fun to play with friends.

Omaha High is the second most popular recently. Not so long ago there were not many people playing this game but now people can’t get enough of it. This game has a little bit more action and a little more excitement than Texas Hold’em. If you are looking for a challenge and a little extra cash, this is the version of poker you would play to get that.

Seven Card Stud is the most popular version of poker for professional players. This is something I would not recommend playing at a casino unless you trust your skills because this is the big league. It can be fun to play with friends but risky with strangers.

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