The 5 most common soccer bets for beginners

There are numerous kinds of wagers to consider when it comes to betting on soccer. However, while millions of bettors participate in the betting, not all are successful. There is always a certain amount of risk involved when it comes to betting, given the bet size. However, if you make informed decisions and manage your bankroll carefully, you can cope better with the associated risk.

Another important consideration is the kind of bets you place, particularly if you have just started to gamble. Beginners with limited experience in Judi Bola betting can gain valuable knowledge and expertise from the initial bets they make. Moreover, if they manage to make successful bets, they can also get a confidence booster for future betting endeavors. So, if you are a beginner in soccer betting, here are some bets you can consider.

The straight-up bet

Let’s begin with the most basic bet; the straight-up bet. Also called the money line bet, the straight-up bet entails betting for the game-winner. The rules for the bet are simple. You bet on the game-winner, and you win the bet. The number of goals scored in the game is irrelevant, and only the game outcome at the end of the match is considered.

However, you must note that the bet applies to the ninety-minute window of the game only. Any added time or penalty shootouts are not considered for the bet. The straight-up bet can be wagered on in three ways; Team 1 wins, team 2 wins, or the match ends in a draw.

The draw no bet

Like the straight-up bet, the draw-no bet is also based on the game outcome. However, the draw fixture is not an option. If perchance, the game ends in a draw, your bet money will be refunded, and the bet will be void. Moreover, like the money-line bet, the draw no bet is only based on the actual 90-minute match duration.

The double chance bet

If you want to avoid the risk associated with the other game outcome bets, you can consider the double chance bet. There are three options to consider

  1. Team 1 or Team 2 wins
  2. Team 1 wins, or the match ends in a draw
  3. Team 2 wins, or the match ends in a draw

As you can see, if you pick any of these options and one of the two events occurs, you will win. For instance, if you pick option a, you will win the bet as long as the match does not end in a draw.

Half-time bets

This is not one bet but multiple bets related to game half-time. You can make the straight-up bet, the draw no bet, or the double chance bet for the 45-minute half-time of the match. You can place wagers for the first or second half of the bet.

Game score bet

If you do not want to wager on the game outcome for full or half time, you can wager on the game totals. Also called the over/under bet, you can wager on the total number of goals both teams scored in a soccer match.

For instance, if there is an over/under line of 4.5 goals and you bet on over, you will win the bet as long as the total is over 4.5.

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