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9 Passive Income Ideas – How I Make $27k per Week

Do you advise starting more than one “side hustle” or passive income endeavor at a time? If so, which do you feel can be done simultaneously successfully? Great channel!

8 WEIRD Side Hustles For 2022 (Passive Income)

Diversifying income streams is so important. Thank you for these interesting ideas, Nate!, I still strongly believe in the efforts of my advisor. 2 years now and jane Marie junk still surprises me.

TOP 3 Ways To Make Passive Income in 2022

Mike, I agree and in 2022 we should be getting towards passive income to break that 9 to 5 chain and rat race. Keep it up, mate.


Very inspiring!! I’m a father of twins with a day job, side hustles, and other stuff. Almost came to a realization that 24hrs isn’t enough. But at the end of the day, we must find a reason to keep ourselves motivated. This video inspires me to do more.

Passive Income: 7 IDEAS To Make $200 Per Day In 2022

You are my inspiration man. I hope you are safe from the Twisters and the only way out of this small college town is this channel. I was living in San Francisco/Oakland before all of this.

How to Build RELIABLE Passive Income for 2022

PROCESS is the basis of creating wealth. One of the biggest things I learned in investing is the two-year rule: for an investment to be termed profitable, you have to be willing to wait on that investment for at least two years. But my biggest shock was the last investment I made with the help of my financial adviser. I tripled my portfolio in less than 6months and it’s super mind-blowing!!

The 8 BEST PASSIVE income options for 2022!!

Passive income is such a popular topic, but how realistic is it? Can most people really start making it and what are some of the best and worst options for 2022? Today I’m sharing the best Side Hustle for Women to make money online or to make money working from home. Side hustles ideas can help you get to financial freedom much faster! Do you have any side hustles?


What an amazing and informative video. I am in my eighty-seventh year and fairly fit. However, I think that had I seen something like this about twenty years ago, I would be in even better shape than I am now. My heartfelt thanks for making this knowledge available.

The RICH Vs POOR Mindset EXPLAINED! – Robert Kiyosaki & Dave Ramsey

The problem I see with these life stories and mindsets is that they only show the side where it worked out. However, there are millions and millions of hard-working, innovative, daring entrepreneurs out there who lost everything, their money, wife, and most importantly, their precious lifetime. Not sure how to deal with it if you lost most of your life chasing excellence and nothing comes out of it!? Remember, most entrepreneurs fail.



The Actress Maggie Smith, when she worked at the Stratford Festival, said 1/3 of the audience is going to love you, 1/3 of them will hate you and a 1/3 don’t care. So don’t do what you do for others. Act because you love to act. Speak because you love to speak, dance, teach, whatever you do. Do it for yourself and the feeling it creates inside you.


Massive Value received from your podcasts, Lewis! hugely value your authentic human leadership, kindness gene, and your insightful, invaluable guest speakers and teachers! We walk this together and sharing our hearts as we expand is the key. Love teaches how to Raise Your Vibration from the Inside Out and you do this beautifully to shine your heart & light. Keep it fresh as you do!


A truly powerful conversation and really hit home with me, thank you. Question… I always say that I want this team or “personal advisory board” as you say. But what can a person do if you can’t afford all these professionals (personal trainer, coach, etc)? This is where I’ve been stuck for a long time.

Billionaire Ray Dalio Shares The ULTIMATE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES That Made Him WEALTHY

Self Actualization- The top of the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. Still rings true after all these years to our present day. Lewis, The School of Greatness is one of the most important content pieces that I share with others as often as possible. Thank You for curating the light of knowledge for so many!

This Trick REDUCES STRESS, ANXIETY & BUILDS Your Immune System

This interview has confirmed my lifestyle as correct. No one would believe that eating less gave me more energy. I eat when I am hungry. My inflammation is now zero when it used to be high. I eat only Whole Foods not any junk or sugar anymore. It’s helped everything. I no longer even take an aspirin for pain. Blows me away.

The 9 SIGNS You’ve Found Your SOULMATE

Thank you for your voice. Talking about not sexualizing women as objects. This is the topic I talk about often because my daughter was raped by 4 males and a photo was taken of her assault and shared everywhere. If she was not seen as an object to conquer that night she would not be dead at 17. We need more men talking about this important topic.

The 10 Steps To UNLOCK THE POWER Of Your MIND Today!

Great content! I went on my routine 5-mile run while listening to this! Everyone should understand how you activate your serotonin and dopamine neural pathways. Associate dopamine to the effort adversity process!

How The Law Of Attraction REALLY WORKS (Achieve Anything By DOING THIS)

I read her book before the divorce happened, and did some of the things to manifest abundance (money), and I received it! Her book got me through some tough times. She is brilliant, thank you I still do manifest abundance every day. For me, 2020 has been a good year Have faith in the Universe.

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