5 Things About Money That Banks Don’t Want You To Know

I skipped school and started to work for the government as soon as I could. That way I could get an easy and higher loan for my first house to buy at 21 years old. My friends were studying for years and got thousands of study debt. When they finally got done with the study at 27 years old they had to pay off a big amount of money. When they are around 30 years old they can’t buy a house because house prices are so high now they can’t loan enough money so they are forced to rent. While I bought my 4th house now at 26 years old and sold the other 3 with a big profit life is so easy now because of this skip school and work for government method.

After I sell this house with the profit I just buy back a smaller house half the price. Now I can use 50% of my last house that I sold to buy real estate (garages or other things to rent out) Because of those choices I can stop working my job for years sooner than my friends or just work 2 to 3 times a week and live an easy life and have so much more time to enjoy life or hobbies.

During the 8 years that they studied extra, I could invest a nice amount of money in stocks gold, and real estate. Not saying studies are not smart but financially it’s much easier to skip school in my opinion.

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