Elon Musk’s Warning For 2022

As someone who is afraid of robots and ai since they were younger, this is so horrifying to me. Knowing that they will be smarter than humans, and thinking that in a few years we will probably live with them scares me. A lot. I can’t imagine living with a robot.

Elon Musk: ‘It’s Already Too Late, Watch Before They DELETE This!’

My thinking is that we must learn to place human brains in artificial bodies in order to go into space. For the same reason that you wouldn’t want to go into a Demolition Derby with a carton of eggs. We could have human embryos in a protected inter-stellar environment and artificial wombs could bring them to term once they arrived at their destination. The A l creatures would remain on the interstellar vessel. Perhaps for a return trip.

Why Elon Musk is far Different than People Realize

Elon Musk is the most famous CEO. But what do other people and his employees think about him? What it is like to work with Elon Musk? In this video, we will answer many of these and related questions.

Why I Hire Only Genius People – Elon Musk

After hearing the question I can imagine a bunch of self-proclaimed geniuses waking in circles freezing their asses off arguing with one another on which way to go. People can’t help themselves. They all walk in circles.

Top 10 Side Hustles to Make Money in 2022

This is a perfect timing video!! Because I have 4 kids 24 years old and trying to set up to be well off for the family!! Thank you for these tips I’m ready to tackle 2022 smarter than ever.

Passive Income: How I Became a Millionaire in 1 Year

Just stumbled on this gem! I’m not good at doing it alone but getting into the market has been my best decision so far in my road to financial independence as it turned out lucrative for me.

9 Passive Income Ideas – How I Make $27k per Week

Do you advise starting more than one “side hustle” or passive income endeavor at a time? If so, which do you feel can be done simultaneously successfully? Great channel!

8 WEIRD Side Hustles For 2022 (Passive Income)

Diversifying income streams is so important. Thank you for these interesting ideas, Nate!, I still strongly believe in the efforts of my advisor. 2 years now and jane Marie junk still surprises me.

TOP 3 Ways To Make Passive Income in 2022

Mike, I agree and in 2022 we should be getting towards passive income to break that 9 to 5 chain and rat race. Keep it up, mate.